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Fig. 5

From: Simultaneous analyses of N-linked and O-linked glycans of ovarian cancer cells using solid-phase chemoenzymatic method

Fig. 5

N-glycan profile of OVCAR-3 cells by LC–ESI–MS/MS. N-glycans were first released after sialic acid modification, and the released N-glycans were labeled using isobaric QUANTITY tags (Quaternary Amine Containing Isobaric Tag for Glycan). The labeled N-glycans were separated using a C18 analytical column (Thermo Scientific Acclaim PepMap, 15 cm). a Oligomannoses eluted from 0 to 10 min, b complex N-glycans eluted from 10 to 20 min, c Complex N-glycans eluted from 20 to 30 min, and d complex and sialylated N-glycans eluted from 30 to 40 min

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