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Table 3 Major networks and associated proteins obtained by IPA analysis of differentially expressed ICH proteins

From: Identification of novel biomarker and therapeutic target candidates for acute intracerebral hemorrhage by quantitative plasma proteomics

Top diseases and functions Molecules in network Score Focus molecules
Metabolic disease, cell-to-cell signaling and interaction, renal damage Actin, APCS↑, APOA4↓, APOL1↑, C9↑, CA2↑, Ck2, COL14A1↓, CUL3↑, DCUN1D2↓, ENO1↑, FGA↑, FGB↑, Fibrinogen, GC↓, GSN↓, HBP1↑, HDL, HPR↑, IGFBP2↓, LBP↑, LDL, LYZ↓, MGMT↑, NFB (complex), ORM1↑, ORM2↑, P38MAPK, PES1↓, PON2, SEC24A, STAB 2, Stat3-Stat3, TMSB10/TMSB4X↑, Vegf 64 23
  1. The italicised proteins are identified in our data, and their expression is shown by arrows: up-regulation (↑) and down-regulation (↓)