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Fig. 1

From: A multiplex platform for the identification of ovarian cancer biomarkers

Fig. 1

Principal component analysis of Proseek® protein expression data. Principal component analysis plots were based on expression levels of 92 proteins measured in the sera of 81 patients using the Proseek® Oncology I v2 Multiplex plates. a Colored circles represent healthy (green), benign (yellow), early stage ovarian cancer (red), and late stage ovarian cancer (black) serum samples. b Colored circles represent low (white), medium (orange) or high (purple) levels of HE4 in the serum samples based on Proseek® data. c Colored circles represent low (white) or high (black) CA125 levels measured in the serum samples on the Proseek® plates. d Colored circles represent CA125 levels measured in the serum samples by ELISA using the clinical cutoff values of < 35 U/ml (white) and > 35 U/ml (blue). The two black circles represent one benign patient and one early stage ovarian cancer patient who did not have ELISA CA125 values reported in their medical records

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