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Table 3 The Distribution of the ≥ 510 gene symbols observed from the endogenous tryptic peptides of normal human plasma identified by X!TANDEM with respect to the human Gene Ontology (GO) Molecular Function as computed by STRING V10

From: The proteins cleaved by endogenous tryptic proteases in normal EDTA plasma by C18 collection of peptides for liquid chromatography micro electrospray ionization and tandem mass spectrometry

Term Number of genes p-value p-value_fdr p-value_bonferroni
Extracellular matrix structural constituent 22 1.12E−19 4.39E−16 4.39E−16
Structural molecule activity 43 1.23E−13 2.43E−10 4.86E−10
Platelet-derived growth factor binding 7 3.19E−10 4.19E−07 1.26E−06
Carbohydrate derivative binding 77 7.96E−07 6.87E−04 3.13E−03
Adenyl ribonucleotide binding 59 1.04E−06 6.87E−04 4.08E−03
ATP binding 58 1.21E−06 6.87E−04 4.75E−03
Adenyl nucleotide binding 59 1.22E−06 6.87E−04 4.81E−03
Ion binding 167 1.78E−06 8.74E−04 6.99E−03
Extracellular matrix structural constituent conferring tensile strength 4 3.68E−06 1.61E−03 1.45E−02
  1. The headings are exactly as supplied by STRING. The Filtered (Filter 2) data can be found in Additional file 1, Additional file 2, Additional file 3, Additional file 4