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Table 1 Antibody microarray summary

From: Current applications of antibody microarrays

Lab/company Area Antibody microarray type Abs number PMID
Medsaic Pty Colorectal cancer DotScan™ CRC microarrays 122 25445327
Medsaic Pty Systemic lupus erythematosus DotScan™ antibody microarray 82 23516448
Medsaic Pty Chronic lymphocytic leukemia DotScan™ CLL antibody microarray 182 24289109
Medsaic Pty Cancer DotScan™ antibody microarrays 144 27086589
Clontech Alzheimer’s disease Antibody Microarray 500 500 22554416
Clontech Prostate cancer Antibody Microarray 507 507 23280553
Clontech Glaucoma Ab Microarray 500 508 22974818
Fullmoon Biosystems Inc   Explorer Antibody Microarray 656  
Fullmoon Biosystems Inc Squamous cell lung and esophageal carcinoma PEX100 1318 26040563
Fullmoon Biosystems Inc Prostate cancer Phosphorylation-specific antibody microarray 95 24009409
Fullmoon Biosystems Inc   Customized antibody microarray 248  
Kinexus Bioinformatics Smoke KAM-1.0 650 21627322
Kinexus Bioinformatics Breast cancer KAM-1.1 650 21423216
Kinexus Bioinformatics A. pleuropneumoniae infection KAM-850 854 26577697
Kinexus Bioinformatics hiPSC-CMs KAM-850 854 25055963
Sigma-Aldrich Breast cancer Cell Signaling Antibody Microarray 224 21394501
Lab Vision Corporation Programmed cell death TAA-001 Lab Vision Corporation 720 23619569
Abnova Alzheimer’s disease Master Antibody Microarray 656 25428253
Proteogen Inc Drug mechanism ProteoChip 48 21558493
Jörg D. Hoheisel Non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer Home made 818 24610664
Jörg D. Hoheisel Glioblastoma Home made 724 26232108
Jörg D. Hoheisel Pancreatic cancer Home made 810 22579748
Paul D. Lampe Pancreas cancer Home made 4096 25589628
Paul D. Lampe Biomarker for cancer Home made 3600 24185138
Paul D. Lampe Autoantigen-autoantibody complexes Home made 3600 23541305
Nicholas A. Shackel Liver diseases Home made 60 22863037
Nicholas A. Shackel Hepatitis C virus Home made 90 25706280
Christer Wingren Pancreatitis Home made 121 22930578
Diane M. Cibrik Renal allograft rejection Home made 108 24323459
Daniel Böhm Breast cancer Home made 23 21885915
Carl Borrebaeck Pancreas cancer Home made 180 25196118
  1. Review of planar antibody microarrays from recent studies. Lab/company, area of research, antibody microarray type and number of immobilized antibodies (abs) are summarized. The microarray with the highest number of antibodies belongs to Paul D. Lampe’s group and their home-made antibody microarray