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Fig. 8 | Clinical Proteomics

Fig. 8

From: Quantitative proteomic analysis of pancreatic cyst fluid proteins associated with malignancy in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms

Fig. 8

Six biomarker candidates among 18 proteins that had expression patterns that were consistent with the degree of IPMN malignancy. HOOK1 (a), PTPN6 (b), and MUC2 (c) were predominantly expressed in invasive IPMN. FBN1 (d), CLDN18 (e), and SERPINA5 (f) were primarily expressed in LGD (*<p value 0.05; **<p value 0.01, ***<p value 0.001, ****<p value 0.0001, NS not significant)

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