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Table 2 GO enrichment analysis for differentially regulated (≥ 1.5 fold-change) proteins

From: Discovery of non-invasive biomarkers for the diagnosis of endometriosis

  ES versus CS EP versus CP ES versus PS EcS versus ES
Upregulated Downregulated Upregulated Downregulated Upregulated Downregulated Upregulated Downregulated
Biological process         
 Cellular macromolecular complex subunit organization 5.34E−13 3.16E−05       
 mRNA metabolic process 5.34E−13 2.20E−05 0.0099   4.85E−06    1.10E−25
 Cellular protein complex disassembly 3.46E−10 3.34E−05       
 Protein complex disassembly 4.90E−10        
Translational termination 6.69E−09   0.0044      
 Cellular aromatic/cyclic compound metabolic process    0.0092      
 Cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process    0.0139     1.92E−10  
 Nucleic acid metabolic process      4.85E−06    
 Cellular catabolic process      3.42E−05    5.02E−10
 Response to wounding        8.51E−14  
 Actin filament-based process/cytoskeleton organisation        8.51E−14  
 Acute inflammatory response    0.0197 2.58E−06 2.63E−09   1.57E−12  
KEGG pathways         
 Metabolic pathways 7.26E−11 4.41E−07     1.40E−05   2.75E−20
 Ribosome 4.72E−15        3.29E−16
 Focal adhesion 2.21E−05     3.74E−05   1.48E−18 6.72E−32
 Regulation of actin cytoskeleton   3.77E−06 4.82E−07     2.48E−11  
 ECM-receptor interaction      0.0001 1.40E−05 2.92E−09  
 Spliceosome 9.27E−06 9.31E−09    0.0005    
 Proteasome 3.55E−05 4.29E−05    1.36E−10    
 Oxidative phosphorylation 5.93E−05        4.13E−07
Disease association         
 Carcinoma   9.60E−07   2.33E−07   8.97E−05   
 Neoplasm invasiveness   7.87E−06      3.61E−08 5.76E−10
 Cancer or viral infections   6.40E−06     0.0007   
 Anemia, hemolytic 2.15E−13     3.69E−12   1.50E−09  
 Adhesion   5.10E−08     1.38E−06 1.39E−18  
 Hematologic diseases 1.30E−10        
 Protein deficiency 5.19E−08     2.13E−11    2.18E−10
 Cardiovascular diseases      5.04E−11   5.54E−10  
 Huntington’s disease   1.10E−06    3.87E−15    2.11E−12
  1. Enrichment analysis was performed using WebGestalt. Each clinical group was analysed separately for enrichment of biological process, KEGG pathways and disease association. Significantly enriched terms were identified using a hypergeometric test with a Benjamini-Hochberg (BH) correction with corrected P values shown for each comparison