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Table 2 Proteins enriched in blood vessels

From: Laser capture microdissection coupled mass spectrometry (LCM-MS) for spatially resolved analysis of formalin-fixed and stained human lung tissues

Gene symbol; name Log2 fold-change FDR
SMTN; smoothelin 5.63 1E−15
MYPT2; myosin phosphatase-targeting subunit 2 5.42 9.23E−13
DMD; dystrophin-1 4.78 1E−15
CNN1; calponin-1 4.73 1E−15
LMOD1; leiomodin-1 4.70 1E−15
SYUG; gamma-synuclein 4.47 1.44E−15
MYL9; myosin RLC 4.44 1.22E−15
FLNC; filamin-C 4.38 1E−15
ELN; elastin 4.32 1E−15
PTGIS; prostacyclin synthase 4.31 1.12E−14