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Clinical Proteomics

Open Access

Antibody-based tissue profiling as a tool for clinical proteomics

  • Caroline Kampf1Email author,
  • Ann-Catrin Andersson1,
  • Kenneth Wester1,
  • Erik Björling1,
  • Mathias Uhlen2 and
  • Fredrik Ponten1
Clinical Proteomics1:13104285


Here, we show a strategy for high-throughput antibody-based tissue profiling with the aim to create an atlas of protein expression patterns in normal human tissues and cancer tissues representing the 20 most prevalent cancer types. A set of standardized tissue microarrays (TMAs) was produced to allow for rapid screening of a multitude of different cells and tissues using immunohistochemistry. Eight TMA blocks were produced containing 48 different normal human tissues in triplicate and cancer tissue from 216 individually different tumors in duplicate. Sections from these blocks were immunohistochemically stained using five commercial and five in-house generated antibodies. Digital images for annotation of expression profiles were generated using a semiautomated approach. Five hundred seventy-six images and annotation data corresponding to a total of 30 Gbytes of data were collected for each antibody. The data presented here suggest that antibody-based profiling of protein expression in tissues can be used as a valuable tool in clinical proteomics.

Key words

Protein epitope signature tagstissue microarrayprotein atlasantibody-based proteomicsmonospecific antibodies