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Erratum to: Characterization of Nitrotyrosine-Modified Proteins in Cerebrospinal Fluid

Erratum to: Clin Proteom

DOI 10.1007/s12014-010-9041-4

The original version of this article unfortunately missed the annotation for the oxidized methionines and nitrated tyrosines in Table 1 and on Figure 4, the images of the samples have appeared in thick black frames. The corrected Table 1 and Figure 4 are as follows

Table 1 Tryptic products of in vitro n-BSA
Fig. 4

1-D electrophoresis (a) of nitrotyrosine enrichment fractions from pooled non-HIV (control) and HAND CSF. Lane 1, MW marker; lane 2, flowthrough (non-nitrated proteins); lane 3, pre-elution PBS wash; and lane 4, 5% formic acid elution (enriched nitrated proteins). The total number of spectra acquired (normalized spectrum count) from Non-HIV (control) and HAND CSF nitrotyrosine-modified subproteome (a). Quantitative immunoblot analysis of nitrotyrosine content in albumin/IgG-depleted non-HIV (control) and HAND (diseased) CSF (b) and L-PGDS (c) determined by slot blot analysis

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