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Table 2 Summary of glycomic databases

From: Glycoproteomic and glycomic databases

Database Type Method
(CFG) Glycan Structure DB Glycan and glycan binding proteins Glycan array screening, Glycan profiling
GlycoBase N and O-linked glycan structures HPLC based and MS based glycan analysis
GlycomeDB Carbohydrate structures Carbohyrate data from CFG , KEGG, BCSDB, Carbbank
GlycoGeneDB GlycoGenes and mRNA expression In-silico collection of cloned and characterized human glycogenes
Glycan Mass Spectral DB N-and O-linked glycans, and glycolipid glycans Glycan glycosidase digestion and analysis by HPLC with fluorescence or MSn analysis
Lectin Frontier Database Glycan-lectin interactions Frontal affinity chromatography with fluorescence detection