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Fig. 6

From: Proteomic profiling of retinoblastoma by high resolution mass spectrometry

Fig. 6

IGF2BP1 knockdown decreases Y79 RB cell proliferation and migration. a Comparison of mRNA expression of IGF2BP1 gene in siRNA untreated cells to treated cells. b Comparison of protein expression of IGF2BP1 in siRNA untreated to knockdown cells by western blot analysis. The top band shows IGF2BP1 expression and bottom band shows loading control, actin protein expression. c Comparison of percentage of cell viability in control and siRNA treated cells by MTT assay. d Comparison of migration of cells by wound healing assay in control (d1, d3) and siRNA treated cells (d2, d4). The top figure shows cell migration at 0 h and bottom shows figure cell migration at 48 h after the creation of the wound. *P < 0.05

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